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‘Rouzathul Uloom’, the Garden of Wisdom (sciences) is the first and foremost motherly educational establishment that attained existence on the now flourished multi-faculty composite compound, the Farook College Campus.Rouzathul Uloom is located at extreme west. Gateway to this small in size but giant in design and purpose mini-complex is shaded by ever green thickly leaved brown berry trees, serene horticultural bushes of annonacia, coconut palm and almond groves.

Calligraphic inscriptions of Qur’anic verses engraved atop traditionally built college main structure made of red stones, wood, mortar and clay roof tiles remind architectural acumen of last centuries and capture the spot attention of any first-time casual visitor. The great surprise pokes out its head is the fully wired, net enabled, multi-lingual software loaded state-of-the-art computer lab capable of accommodating (25) at a time. Principal’s Chamber, administrative office, faculty wing, graduate level classrooms and a seminar hall are adequately furnished in the heritage space. Next to east is the colorful Golden Jubilee monument that accommodates prestigious Abussabah Library in the ground floor and spacious auditorium on the first floor. Post Graduate section functions in a stylish modern edifice to the extreme east. Sports grounds and soccer fields are ideally located at wide landscape to the north.

Rouzathul Uloom will remain incomplete unless majestic Masjid el-Azhar is remembered which stands up lofty in the front yard across the road proudly, proclaiming spiritual ambience of the whole campus. Physical or material state of affairs cannot illustrate the true worth of this world renowned garden of wisdom. Well disciplined, spiritually motivated, objectivity focused groups of students, researchers and the faculty who strive hard to transform and dispense the god given benevolence on this remote hill top for elegance of the mankind in general and the community in particular is the real treasure.

Fascinating achievements that stand alone here were not accomplished within the flash of eye lids. Stranger than fiction true life stories of emergence of this illuminating ‘Light House’ is mind boggling. India of the 1940’s had to face numerous hurdles towards her path to progress. The whole atmosphere was tense and turbulent due to ongoing world war, scarcity of resources, famine, social/industrial revolt of certain groups or communities and above all the heightened freedom struggle. Nation in whole was partly clue less or in a state of confusion. At this juncture, the Muslim communities in the North Kerala were trapped in an awkward situation. Besides being slow or backward in several facets of education and development already, their stringent resistance to colonial rule and abstinence from acquiring worldly sciences drove them further behind socially, economically and intellectually to a level even lower than the marginalized sections of the mainstream society.

In this context, Moulana Abussabah Ahmed Ali Saheb, an eminent scholarly personality and academician graduated from the renowned Al-Azhar University of Cairo, Egypt appeared on the silver horizon as a heavenly-sent apostle of light. He had intimate acquaintance with national leaders of the time like Moulana Mohammed Ali, Abul Kalam Azad, Allama Iqbal, Moulana Shoukath Ali etc.,. His ambitious educational vision for comprehensive development given the pathetic state of Muslims of the region prompted him to establish Rouzathul Uloom Arabic College in 1942 though bankrupt in terms of funds but rich in faith and hope. It was a great landmark in the history of modern Arabic education in North Kerala. Within short span of time, the initial seed sprouted and blossomed into numerous prestigious institutions co-existing as a cluster spread over the broad Farook College campus.

This humble beginning and erstwhile struggle of renaissance leadership proved worthy and fruitful. The present day Rouzathul Uloom has many golden feathers on its highly raised up cap, including recognition of the University Grants Commission (U.G.C.), New Delhi and accreditation with fellowship/higher study opportunities of Arab Universities for outstanding candidates graduating from this prestigious tower of knowledge and light.

Head of an elite Al-Azhar delegation who visited Rouzathul Uloom in its toddling phase of development felicitated the college at their farewell handshake saying “صباح لا مساء له” , meaning ‘The Dawn that has NO setting down ever.’