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Code of Ethics


For the promotion of Productivity, Intellectual output and honesty in the research writings Rouzathul Uloom Arabic College has taken a number of measures for maintaining ethical practices in research activities in the College. Aim of the Code of Ethics in research is the prevention of malpractices and plagiarism in the field of Research carried out by the Faculties and Research Scholars. The faculties and the research scholars of our institution are committed to the pursuit of truth, honesty and integrity, to uphold the vision-mission of our college.

Aims and Objectives

  • To enhance and promote scientific temper and research aptitudes of Faculties and Students
  • To realize the students on the mission and vision of our institution and encourage them to uphold our mission and vision.
  • To provide the required resources for the smoothening of research work
  • Strengthen the institutional capacity for planning, budgeting and control all the research activities of the college
  • To provide timely guidance and awareness to the faculties and scholars
  • To provide awareness on Intellectual Property write
  • To create a good atmosphere for research

Scope of the Policy

The Code of ethics policy of the college aims to curb the dishonesty in academics and misconduct in research in the following

Plagiarism includes the paraphrasing of others’ work or the incorporating of quotations

Misinterpretation of research and publication
Fabrication, falsification of Research work, research publications as book chapters, journal articles and/or conference publications

Utilizing previously submitted work

Policy inclusion
Documents included in this policy are research papers, thesis, dissertations, project reports, term papers, chapters in books, full-fledged books and any other similar work submitted for assessment/opinion leading to the award of Undergraduate, Masters and Research level degree or publication in print or electronic media by students or faculty or research scholars of the institution. This will, however, exclude assignments course work/essays and answer scripts

Policy applicability
The policy is applicable for all faculty, staff, Undergraduate, Master and PhD degree Research conducted by or under Rouzathul Uloom Arabic College.