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The continuous evaluation of students is carried out by faculty regarding theory lectures, labs, assignments, unit tests. The midterm marks are allotted based on defined strategies and displayed on notice board. Query if any is discussed with faculty and HOD. There is complete transparency in the internal assessment. The criterion adopted is as directed by the university. At the beginning of the semester, faculty members inform the students about the various components in the assessment process during the semester. The internal assessment test schedules are prepared as per the university and communicated to the students well in advance. There is complete transparency in the internal assessment. Academic calendar for internal examination is prepared by the College Examination Committee. Internal Examination Officer (IEO) monitors internal evaluation process. The student’s grievances related to internal examination are solved by the College Examination Committee.

  • Students have to approach IEO.
  • An application is to be submitted by the student to the examination department explaining their grievance.
  • The Internal examination committee, ongoing through the application, forwards it to the Principal.
  • The Principal in consultation with HOD’s concerned, solve the grievance, and make the remark on the application which then comes back to the internal examination officer.
  • After taking necessary steps, students are informed.
  • The process is completely transparent.


  • Dr. Abdurahiman Cherukara (Principal)
  • Mr. Navas .P.P ( Staff in charge, internal examinations)
  • Shahad Bin Aly ( Co-ordinator , IQAC)
  • Mr. Jamseer (Student councilor)
  • Mrs.Pathumma Pezhum kattil (staff member)