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Men's Hostel

The college hostel which is called as “Afzal Hostel for Men” has been very active and vibrant since its establishment in 1964. In 1989 a new block was constructed and provided for accommodation and a full functioning dining hall was added to the complex in 2014. Presently the hostel has 20 well furnished rooms for students and 2 rooms for teaching faculties, a dining hall, an administrative office, kitchen, 15 bathrooms, 12 toilets, reading hall with TV and computer facility, library, study hall and a badminton court. And the hostel is secured with a 24 hours CCTV facility.

Women's Hostel

RUA Women’s Hostel, Azhar Hostel was established in 1982 with ample facilities near the college. A new block was constructed in 2011 with the help of UGC. Now there are 16 girl friendly well equipped bedrooms, 16 toilets and bathrooms. Bedrooms are well furnished with reading tables, chairs, shelves and beds. A well equipped kitchen and vast mess hall with 70 seats were also constructed along with the new block. Though the water scarcity is affected in summer vacation a well for drinking water is maintained properly behind the old block and washing facilities are also provided. Study Rooms, Prayer Hall and reading halls are facilitated on the roof of new block.