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Maulana Abu Sabah Ahmed Ali was the founder of Rouzathul Uloom Arabic College and the founder president of Rouzathul Uloom Association. He was born in 1906 at Vembanatt near chavakkad of Thrissur district. It was a miserable time and a period of utter ignorance and hence he was not able to attain high school education. He joined a religious school at Kokur Masjid of Malappuram district. He was so keen and ambitious to acquire knowledge. His interest in Arabic language made him work hard to accomplish his goal to achieve proficiency in Arabic language. He was an outstanding student and he exhibited extraordinary talents in learning, but his age stood as a hurdle for him in getting admission to many higher academic centres. But later with the help of some of his friends, he was able to attain admission in the historically famous Al Azhar University of Egypt, which was a centre of academic excellence and niche of many innovative and revolutionary thoughts. Maulana Abu Sabah was very much influenced and inspired from the teachings of Al Azhar and when he completed his education, he decided to undertake some sublime course instead of working in Egypt as a teacher or an advocate, that would have provided him with financial benefit. Maulana Muhammad Ali, the great freedom fighter and one of the founders of Khilafath movement, met him at Egypt and advised him, to go to India and serve his countrymen. Considering this advice, he returned to India in 1935 to dedicate himself for the development of the country. He worked among the educationally backward community, for he has identified that it is only through education that the backward community can be empowered and uplifted. He shared, with his friends and admirers, his concepts of educational reformation and his dream to establish a centre of academic excellence in Kerala. This idea was welcomed and encouraged by many equally enthusiastic personalities.Thus with the support of people like Kunhalikutti Haji, Seethi Sahib, Advocate Hydros, Raja Abdul Kader Haji, Puliyali Abdulla Kutty Haji etc. he was able to establish an Arabic college, Rouzathul Uloom Arabic college, which was one of the first affiliated Arabic colleges in Kerala, at Anakkayam near Manjeri in 1942. It was the great vision of Maulana Abu Sabah Ahmed Ali Saheb to build a hub of knowledge, a place from where one can acquire knowledge from primary level to advanced level. A Committee in the name of Rouzathul Uloom Association was formed, in the year 1946, to expand the college and its functions and to fulfill the vision and dreams of the great scholar Maulana Abu Sabah Ahmad Ali Al azhari. With the generous support of Puliyali Abdulla Kutty Haji, who donated 28 acre land at Farookhabad and Raja Abdul Kader Haji, who contributed rupees 10000, the committee established the Arabic college in 1947, Farook Arts and Science College in 1948 and later many other institutions from kindergarten to research centres.

A Tribute to The Light of the Campus (Founder's Message)

My farthest ever dream and the recurring prayer sprout out of the heart is your accomplishment as true role models in service to people with dedication. Rouzathul Uloom's supreme pride, prestige and majesty lies only in your refined well purified life.