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Exams… Make it easy!

Exams… Make it easy!

Academic Readiness Workshop

The Academic Readiness Workshop held at Rouzathul Uloom Arabic College on 22nd November 2023 catered to the needs of 1st and 2nd-year B.Com students, focusing on bolstering their academic preparedness. The workshop aimed to address prevalent concerns among students regarding exam fears, effective study methodologies, and managing the pressures of academic life.

Facilitated by psychologist and counselor Naveena, the workshop featured a comprehensive agenda covering various essential aspects of academic readiness. Topics included understanding and conquering exam-related anxieties, practical study techniques tailored to individual learning styles, and strategies to alleviate the weight of academic pressure.

Naveena’s extensive background in psychology and counseling provided a solid foundation for addressing the students’ psychological and academic challenges. Her approachable demeanor fostered an environment conducive to active engagement, prompting students to actively participate by posing questions and sharing their doubts regarding exam preparations and managing study-related stress.

Throughout the sessions, students gained valuable insights and practical takeaways. They were encouraged to identify personalized study methods that resonated with their individual learning approaches. Furthermore, the workshop emphasized the importance of recognizing and addressing the root causes of exam fears while introducing effective strategies to mitigate academic pressure.

Post-workshop feedback reflected the workshop’s efficacy, with students expressing appreciation for the relevance and applicability of the strategies discussed. They acknowledged that the workshop equipped them with tangible tools to navigate their academic journey more confidently and effectively.

In conclusion, the Academic Readiness Workshop emerged as a significant milestone in enhancing the academic preparedness of the students at Rouzathul Uloom Arabic College. Naveena’s expertise coupled with the interactive nature of the workshop contributed to empowering students, enabling them to approach their studies with renewed vigor and self-assurance.